Bronze of Liro(Chaotic Chronicles #1)

Bronze of Liro

The chaos first stirred when, in blackness filled with crimson light, the sound of breaking bones reached Ake's ears and his nostrils were assailed by the scent of burnt flesh.

The chaos quickened, got stronger, reared up like a wave, and threatened to wash away everyone and everything. It started to seep out without leave and manifest in ways that seemed terrible even to the wielder of this power.

Everyone knows how the story of Ikarus ends: blinded by curiosity and ambition, he decided to touch the sun and perished in terrible agony... But what if, instead of agony, there was a smile on his face? What if this grandiose departure is what he had in mind?

Haunted by a tragic past, Ake likewise tries to touch the sun and turn this rotten world full of magic, archaic beings called Kabalas and their chosen Kabalers, kingdoms blinded by false beliefs and hatred for one another, breathtaking cities with age-old secrets buried under them, upside down with no less rotten methods.

Let the Maker's will be done, and nameless Ake find answers to his ambitions!

Let fire take it all!


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Illustrations by Giorgi Magradze Artman
Note: these illustrations are not a part of the printed edition

Publication date2023
Amiran Ramishvili
EditorIa Vekua
ProofreaderAna Kiasashvili
TypesetterNikoloz Sulaberidze