Connection of Ages

"Connection of Ages" is an anthology of Georgian sci-fi stories from the 20th century.

Here you'll find a story about an artificial brain, on whose calculations hangs the fate of the world; a history of selflessness on a dangerous cosmic mission; intergalactic pirates, whose deeds have left an indelible mark on mankind's history; a Georgian hero, that finds himself in an utopia; a story of time travel, that cautions us about the dangers of misusing scientific achievements; postapocaliptic reality that shows us the destructive power of atomic weapons; and a Georgian medic, that finds himself returning from a cosmic mission to the earth reeling from a recent pandemic.

These science fiction stories describe stories of various travels — be it in time, the cosmos, or our inner worlds. Reading them is a kind of time travel in itself, into the 60s and 70s Georgia of the past century. These unique cultural artifacts show us what was worrying, or what was prudent to worry about, for writers under the Soviet regime. This uncanny synthesis of heartfelt emotions and party directives makes this anthology a must-read for anyone who is interested in the recent history of Georgia.


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Publication date2022
EditorAna Kiasashvili
TypesetterNikoloz Sulaberidze