Howl's Moving Castle

Translated by Ketevan Kanchashvili
Howl's Moving Castle

In the kingdom of Ingary, where seven-league boots and invisibility cloaks aren't news to anyone, it is considered a great misfortune to be born the eldest of three. Everybody knows that if all three go seeking their fortunes, the eldest will be the one to taste the most bitter failure.
Sophie reconciled with this fate from the start and decided to spend her life working in her father's hat factory in peace. However, everything changed when, one fateful day, she incurred the wrath of the Witch of the Waste and was turned into an old woman. The key to breaking the curse rests in wizard Howl's Moving Castle.

In this book, you'll meet witches, wizards, castles, talking things, enchanted beings, stepmothers, princesses, very long stairs, falling stars, and... lots and lots of goo.

This is a magical yet dangerous world with endless possibilities. You'll be on the edge of your seat till the last page, because, as Calcifer once wisely remarked, "Nobody’s safe in a wizard’s house."

You probably know "Howl's Moving Castle" from Studio Ghibli's Oscar-nominated movie of the same name; however, prior to Hayao Miyazaki discovering it, Sophie's and Howl's adventures delighted readers for two whole decades.

Publication date2023
EditorAna Kiasashvili
ProofreaderGiorgi Sharashenidze
TypesetterNikoloz Sulaberidze